General, Wholesale and Dealer Inquiries 

*How do I know more about the being AutoSmart Dealer ?
- Please Contact us for more detail.

*What is the wholesale MOQ and the price ?
-350 Set, Please Contact us for more detail.

*How do I contact AutoSmart Malaysia for Business Opportunities ?
- Please Contact us for more detail.

*Where are the AutoSmart Malaysia's office located ?
- NO.6GM, Jalan Pandan Cahaya 1/2, Pandan Cahaya, 68000, Ampang, Selangor.
-Opposite of Cahaya LRT, Mini Industrial Block located at your right side.
-1st Floor of 3rd Silver Staircase counting from Cahaya LRT.

*Will the paint fade eventually ?
- The paint will fade eventually along with your original car paint. The factors of the sun and the surrounding environment will determine the fading period.

* Why some colors does not match with AutoSmart Color Chat ?
- Most of the Car Branding don't always change color coding except Proton cars. Proton companies always change the color code in order to give a fresh look to customers. Even though, it is a different color code, but it's from the same color/mother color. So,sometimes different coding has the same color.

* I need to know more.
- There are complete version of instruction guidance attached with the AutoPaint Touch Up Kit. No worries.

* Does AutoSmart owns copyright ?
- Yes, we does. As we are the first company in Malaysia with this AutoPaint Touch Up Kit, we will take legal action to protect our Products.

Inquiries about our Product.

*What is the 2x ( 2 in 1 Paint Pen) ?
- Both of the paint pen and clear coat pen are has dual purpose which is separate into Upper Injection Pen that fills in the minor scratch and Lower Paint Brush to beautify around the scratched area.
* What is Aerosol Spray Paint ?
- It is a simple touch-up AutoSpray that can make your day easier. You can spray around your car for minor defect (no scratches) just like that and your car will look good as new.

* What is Preps Solvent ?
- It is a liquid solvent that cleans off the wax coated on the surface to ensure a perfect clean surface before applying any of our products.

* What is the Purpose of Poly Putty, Poly Hardener, Sand Paper and Spreader ?
- All of the product above are used for deep scratches. Click here for a instruction video.

After Purchasing Inquiry
*How would I know the tracking number after I  successfully banked in ?
- We will upload the day-to-day tracking number on the right side of our blog.

*What would happen if I did not receive the parcels within 7 days after I've gotten my tracking number ?
- Call 1300-13-1300 to Pos Laju Customer Service. Usually it will be ship back to our office and customer will have to bear the postage fee again.

* Do you offer Self-Collect ?
- Yes, we does. You can direct walk into our office (opposite of Ampang Line - Cahaya LRT )to get your product after you banked in. Our office walk-in-self-collect hours are from 12pm-5pm.